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We now offer the minimi body wrap, a non - invasive treatment which offers you the chance of a better body. It is an effortless and painless procedure which could remove up to eight inches in one treatment.

The wrap has an added anti - cellulite ingredient which means you can see noticeable results in the appearance of dimples, as well as the possibility of losing inches.

A 60 minute session with the minimi body wrap can shrink your waistline by up to 2 inches, with immediate results. The maximum effect will be seen after 3 days.


minini has the fragrance of geranium which is infused into essential oils that are used in the wrap.

When will I see results?

minimi Body Wrap

A six week course is recommended for maximum results, starting off with a treatment twice a week. For optimum results combine your minime wrap sessions with regular exercise and healthy eating.

Minime treatments

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