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We can give you a stunning all-over glow, using our San Tropez tan technique.


Safe and skin friendly, the San Tropez tan can be applied either manually or sprayed, giving a totally even and streak free bronze effect which lasts for up to ten days. We can provide you with an original, dark or express tan,  with no harmful ingredients it will leave you feeling sun-kissed without the danger of harming your skin.

For a speedy tanning solution then try the St Tropez Express tan.  It absorbs quickly into the skin meaning you can be tanned, washed and dressed within as little as one hour! If it's a darker shade which you require then you can leave the solution for the full three hours.

To make your tan last as long as possible, please thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise before your appointment. Don't forget to wear loose clothes on the day, as these will make sure the tan does not rub off your skin while dressing.

St Tropez Express Tan

Preparing for your tanning session

Make your skin glow no matter the season. With our tanning services, you can enjoy a beautiful glowing colour all year round. Get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss your tanning preferences and make an appointment.

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